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Photo 2015-04-08, 2 09 46 PMWith years of experience to my credit I’ve had time to figure some things out.

For example, I believe that every aesthetician who performs services on clients should experience those services for themselves. How can you do your best work unless you know what it’s like to be the customer? Being in the client’s place can give you a very different perspective on your business because it allows you to feel as your clients do, and to understand what concerns they might have.

I also believe in the importance of preparing your client for intimate waxing and other body services. Put yourself in their place and ask yourself How would I want to be draped, covered or otherwise prepared for this treatment? Provide your client with a private, comfortable place to change. Provide towels, disposable towelettes and sanitary wipes for cleansing. Each client will have his or her own idea of how to prepare, but you need to do as much as you can to make them comfortable.

You also need to have a clean, orderly, well-stocked treatment room. Every linen should be clean and fresh – never, ever, re-use linens until they have been laundered. This is a requirement of Alberta Health Services, but it also just makes sense. We’re all busy, but you just don’t want to be lazy when it comes to cleanliness, so for busy days make sure you have a good supply of linens on hand. You might even want to keep some disposables around for those times when the laundry lags behind. Also, it’s a good idea to keep the bed uncovered until your client arrives – that way they can see that you’re putting fresh linens down for their benefit.

But most of all, walk in to your salon and look at it through their eyes. See the treatment rooms, the bathroom – go everywhere your clients go – and look at it as they will. Is everything as you would want it? Is it right for comfort, for cleanliness, and for privacy?

This business is about personal service so get to know your client’s likes and dislikes. Keep an index card with notes for each client and be sure to give them what they want. Everyone who comes through your doors wants an excellent experience, and it’s up to you to give them that.

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